Friday, January 17, 2014

Get it while it is still fresh! A mathematical model of stem cell-driven tumourigenesis

A couple of months ago +Jacob Scott and I (as well as +Anita Hjelmeland , +Prakash Chinaiyan and +Alexander Anderson ) got our work accepted in PLOS Computational Biology and finally it is available online here.

This is an example of a simulation where on the left you can see the different types of cells (stem in red and non stem in green and blue) as well as blood vessels; whereas on the right you can see the concentration of oxygen (from white where there is abundance to red where there is hypoxia). The work is available to anybody since it is a PLOS paper. +Jacob Scott has also produced a nice description on his blog here. So go ahead and take a look if you are interested in mathematical oncology, cancer stem cells, both or either.

Also thanks to +Alexander Anderson for this paper. This work started a few years ago when I was a postdoc at his group using a mathematical tool, the hybrid discrete-continuum cellular automaton, that I learned from him. Nonetheless he let me take responsibility for the project while at the same time contributing to it with his expertise and ideas. 

Expect to see new results from this model soon, it is difficult to stop +Jacob Scott when he has an idea and I am afraid he has quite a few involving versions of this model.

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